Beacon of Hope at Oxnard naz

Community Outreach and Compassion Ministry

 Beacon of  Hope has a very clear mission: taking the love of Jesus to our community.

 Through different resources, such as the Food Pantry Program, the Resource Center, City Kids,

 and The Connection after school program, we have been able to stay connected with our community   aiding them with food, care kits, snack bags for kids, and directing them to organizations that provide   extra help. As you can imagine, the opportunity to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus has   increased! We are reaching more people with the Gospel than ever before. Praise God! 



“Food Pantry” Program

3rd Thursday of the Month



 If you would like more information on the programs BOH is currently leading, please contact   Armando or Elisa. If you feel the desire to volunteer or support this department financially,

 please direct your donations to the church’s “Evangelistic Promise” fund.